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For over a quarter-century Edison Law Group has helped clients navigate the unknown waters of inventors from patent search to organizing the patent application and just making sure your hard work is protected. We are licensed to represent inventors before the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) and our patent law practice is exclusively devoted to IP Law.

We can help you with the following services:


Navigate Inventorship

For over a quarter-century we’ve helped clients navigate the unknown waters of inventorship.  We are licensed to represent inventors before the U.S. Patent Office and our law practice is exclusively devoted to IP Law.

We can help you with the following services:




Success Stories: 30 Years of Experience

Finding a patent attorney with super competitive legal fees and over a quarter-century of legal experience is a dream come true.

The dilemma is that legal fees usually increase in tandem with legal experience.

Our firm was specifically chartered to pass on our high-powered attorney approach to individual inventors vying for success.

We’ve represented:

  • Clients in Countless IP Deals Totaling ~ $1 Billion

  • Fortune 500 Companies

  •  Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations Listed on the NYSE

  • *Name of YOUR Future Company Here*

Now it’s our mission to cater to the people who need it most – We The People.


The Edison Law Group Experience

From individual inventors on a tight budget to large Fortune 500 Companies, our U.S. Registered Patent Attorneys have successfully helped inventors protect their ideas both simple and complex.

We’ve helped inventors in all 50 states and serve as a beacon of hope and light for inventors from around the world. The flags symbolize the home country of clients from around the world that we’ve helped or can help.


CAUTION – Avoid Patent Marketing Companies!

If you have a great idea, make sure you contact a registered patent attorney as a first step. The following video explains the game plan.

CAUTION: Many inventors contact patent marketing companies as a first step and are usually persuaded to spend thousands of dollars on prototypes and marketing material.

Marketing an idea that is already patented is a huge waste of money and is NOT the first step.

Instead, it’s important to hire a patent attorney to conduct a patent search as a first step.

The patent search will determine if the idea is patented or taken.

If your idea is already patented, you missed your chance (unless you can improve it). If your idea is not patented, wonderful! At that point, you may want to protect it by filing a patent application.

So please – even if you do not hire our law firm, make sure you go with a U.S. law firm.

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Shark Tank Dreamin’

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