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For over a quarter-century Edison Law Group Mississippi patent lawyer has helped Mississippi patent lawyer clients navigate the unknown waters of Mississippi inventors help from the patent search to organizing the patent application and just being the best patent attorney. We are licensed to represent inventors before the Mississippi USPTO and our patent law practice is exclusively devoted to intellectual law in Mississippi.

Mississippi Patent Attorney Services

Finding a patent attorney in Mississippi with super competitive legal fees and over a quarter-century of legal experience is a dream come true for any inventor in Mississippi. From individual Mississippi inventors on a tight budget to large Fortune 500 Companies, our U.S. Registered Patent Attorneys in Mississippi have successfully helped inventors protect their ideas both simple and complex. A Patent Search accomplishes the following:

We can help you with the following patent legal services in Mississippi:

  • Mississippi Patent Search & Legal Opinion

  • Utility Patent Application Mississippi

  • Mississippi Provisional Patent Application

  • Design Patent Application Mississippi

  • Mississippi Trademark Search & Filing

  • IP Infringement Litigation Mississippi

Mississippi Counties For Patent Services

Hinds County, Harrison County, DeSoto County, Rankin County, Jackson County

Mississippi Patent Search Cities

Don’t bother filing a Mississippi patent application if the idea is already patented. This pretty much sums up the purpose of why you should do a Design & Provisional Patent Search.

Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Olive Branch, Tupelo, Meridian, Greenville, Clinton, Madison, Pearl, Horn Lake

A smart Mississippi inventor will not waste time and money filing a patent application on an idea that has already been patented. The Mississippi application will surely get rejected by the USPTO.

Utility Patent Application In Mississippi

If you believe that your idea will make money, you may want to skip the Provisional and file a Utility Patent in Mississippi. The word utility means useful. So if you feel that your idea has use to humanity, even if it’s for entertainment purposes, you may want to protect the idea with a Utility Patent.

The Mississippi Utility Patent application will:

  • Give you the almighty filing date (Patent Pending)
  • Allow you to start manufacturing and selling your idea
  • Grant you a monopoly on the idea for 20 years

You are not guaranteed to make money if you file a patent in Mississippi but you certainly have a horse in the race.


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